• Keeley Smith


I have worked on many occasions with a fantastic singer called Charlotte Awbery (famous, after a video of her went viral on the internet). Since videos of us singing duets together have gone crazy, I have been getting hundreds and thousands of visits to my social media sites and my website, so i thought i had better update a few things on here! My album is available for download and i will be keeping an updated list of all my upcoming venues.

I have worked alongside her at various events and we spent time recording videos in Charlottes cabin at the back of her house! Who would have thought we would be making this kind of magic on an ordinary day?! The comments and messages have been overwhelming for me, and Im sure that i can only imagine what Charlotte is feeling right now! I wish her all the success in the world with her solo career and I have been so blessed to be one of a few who have had the privilege of singing with her.

My favourite would have to be "Tell Him" our voices fitted so perfectly it was just beautiful.

My bookings are going from strength to strength. 2020 has gotten off to a bang for me and I am looking forward to working with Pontins, and QDOS Entertainment this year. I have a tonne of fabulous wedding bookings and I will be singing at a gorgeous wedding in Malta this June! I am definitely getting around a bit now haha!


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